About me

I feel honoured that you are taking the time to find out more about me!

I  took up photography because it gives me the freedom to express emotion and capture 'once in a life-time' moments! My blog is a place where I can showcase my work as I learn and grow in this new passion (that I have to fit in between my 9 – 5 at this stage)!

I live in beautiful Norfolk in the UK with my husband, after leaving my birth country, South Africa 2 years ago.

I love capturing that fleeting, seemingly insignificant moments that speaks volumes: a glance; a hand movement; an expression... the single moment that tells an entire story...

Want to know more?

I am: a hopeless romantic, probably too talkative, compassionate, loved & a Believer

I love: making lists, musicals, buying heels (I almost never wear!) & watching "Friends" with my hubby 

I dislike: strong coffee, early mornings (might be a relation there?) and bad (really slow) drivers

Feel free to browse, follow me on twitter @tatum_reid, or become my friend on facebook (add a short message mentioning the website) or pop me a message at  hellotatumreid@gmail.com


Tatum x