Thursday, May 26, 2011

Adri I Portrait shoot I Part One

Wow, I am so excited to share these images. Adri is such a fun and outgoing person (with a super infectious laugh), that we could just go for it and have fun on this shoot! She was kind enough to allow me to take the reigns and choose the locations and even her outfits for the shoot. As you noticed this is only Part One, because there was sooo many fantastic images to choose from :) For the first part of the shoot we found a fantastic graffiti wall in an abandoned parking area in Norwich City Centre, and started shooting in the hope no one would chase us away (luckily Norwich City FC was playing so I think the coppers had their hand full with the crowds -  and we were left in peace)! 


Red Loves Pink said...

I like this shoot! Your subject has such character and you've captured it well. ;0)

Elize said...

I agree. You managed to capture her caracter.Lovely.